Navy Hair Care Sale!!

Navy Hair Care 40% off (final hours) 
This sale consists of their Search & Rescue Shampoo and Conditioner, Biotin hair serum, Dinghy two in one shampoo/ body wash, Lagoon clarifying shampoo, and Dunes clay/charcoal hair mask. 

My personal experience:
I have used Navy for two years now, nothing but amazing things have come from my journey. My hair type is thin and can be on the dry side, plus split end problems. Sense Navy, it truly has restored itself and bounced back. The last time I enjoyed my hair, I was a teenager. Less damage from dying it and using horrible hair products over the year's. Now that I know the difference between clean product and toxic, I have changed my ways and given my hair life with Navy. 
For people new to this company yes, it can be expensive. Especially if you are not prepared to have extra funds set aside for personal purchases such as this. It’s putting time and money into yourself and your hair health/happiness. Trust me, it’s worth the extra splurge each month to give yourself some tender love and care. 

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I really appreciate the support. 
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Hugs - Kay