My top Amazon picks!

Hello Y’all 👋🏼

Sharing some of my top Amazon picks; From household items I have purchased, to fun Fall Fashion. I took a break from blogging for a short time, But now I am back with some really good items to share! 

I prey all of you have been staying healthy ❤️

Below will be a list of links you can check out. I will share each item, and my thoughts on it. 

Have fun shopping friends! 

Anything in pink, is a link to As Amazon influencers & Amazon Associates we have the ability to earn small commission fees from items we share off Amazon. Any sale is always appreciated. #AD 

First up! 

New Fall bedding 

I was super excited for this change! 
Fall just makes me happy in a type of way I cannot explain.
Amazon is definitely my go to for bedding; who am I kidding, it’s my go to for everything really. Haha 
 this duvet cover by The Smoofy Store is so utterly comfy to sleep in. The color is Terracotta, it does have fringe on the edges. Great price, only $34 and it comes in 8 other colors. Twin-King.
 Our bedsheets are another thing I love to rave about! and another top selling item of mine. Made of bamboo and are super soft, plus just feels good on the body when you sleep.
I was happy that they added a band on all four corners of the fitted sheet, so it doesn’t slip off. Only $55; but worth it in my opinion comes in 12 other colors. Twin- CaliKing 
Our new boho throw pillow covers are another favorite purchase, they’re a fun orange color and great quality. $17 for only one cover, with 3 other orange prints and 1 black print.
Those 26x26 faux leather covers in brown, really are amazing when it comes to quality. They look and even feel like real leather. Comes in lots of different sizes, the brown color is actually really nice! You cannot wash them, but you can wipe them down with a damp cloth. Set of two for $40 
Last link will be our old duvet bedding in the Avocado green, really enjoyed that one as well. Great material, soft and very comfortable to sleep in. Another popular purchase of mine. $69, 13 other colors. 

This gorgeous wall mounted computer desk.

Perfect for small spaces, I really enjoyed how well it was made. The gold pipes really look authentic. Unfortunately, this item is out of stock, pretty sad considering I just purchased it in the beginning of October. They do not know when the item will be back available. 
I will link it here anyway; & other options. 





Our sofa & coffee table 

This sectional sofa is perfect for small homes! What I love best about it is that you can remove the covers to wash. Price point is great, and it’s very comfortable. I will say, over time you might need to replace the filling in the cushions. Only depending on how long you use the sofa and how often. The coffee table was a great option as well, really liked the marble look and the price was not bad. It’s not the sturdiest, does wobble a tad, but not so much that it would be an issue. I still highly recommend both home items. Updated our space and gave it a more edgy chic vibe. 🖤
Price ranges: $130-$860
Sofa comes in five other colors: 

These gorgeous boho throw pillow covers, along with the velvet covers in rust. 
The quality on those black and white boho throw covers are truly amazing. I was very happy with my purchase, the shag fabric is soft, but you still get that texture with the canvas material in between. Love it 👏🏼 The rust color throw pillow covers are just as great when it comes to quality. This is going on the second year that we used them, and they are holding up and wash perfectly. So do the boho ones as well, they wash well, I just did not dry them in the dryer. Also linking up my most purchased woven boho throw pillow cover in ivory. & my favorite woven nook Pom-Pom tassel pillow covers that I’ve had for over three years now. They are a bit expensive, worth it in my opinion for longevity. 
 Price ranges: $12-$79
comes in a ton of colors! 
Boho throw pillow covers  -set of 2, comes in 8 other colors 
comes in 1 other color 
Woven nook Pom-Pom pillow cover  -set of two in cream 

Four drawer dresser 
We really needed more space for our clothes and this Ameriwood dresser did just the trick. It was available for a long time on Amazon, and was my top selling item. Unfortunately, now this item is out of stock, which is super disappointing because I so love the quality. I will link other similar options of course. But I highly recommend Ameriwood, they really make solid pieces. This dresser originally came with black handles, I did changed them out for some gold ones. I enjoyed this update, as I feel they really give it a more upscale affect. Plus the brass handles are pretty great quality themselves. 
Brass handles  -$33 for pack of 25 



Brass T knobs for our Kitchen sideboard 
The T-bar knobs are a perfect addition to any cabinet, I had added them to our small kitchen sideboard. Originally to update this sideboard, I had added on some marble contact paper to the top surface. I wanted it to look more upscale, as the top was a brown wood. Then I added the T-bar knobs to spruce it up even more. 
I really love the final look! 
T-bar brass knobs  -$8 for a 5 pack 

Bathroom organization & decor 
This is the space I’ve been slowly trying to update; It was very bla for a long time. I really wanted to do something with it that would allow me to enjoy being in the space. Snagged that barndoor bathroom wall cabinet, it’s the perfect fit for small spaces. Actually holds a good amount too, for example: three regular sizes rolls fits on each shelf, with two shelves inside. $58. The toilet stool was another good item we purchased, I will say this isn’t the best topic, but it’s necessary. I highly recommend one for you, or the family, it’s just a good item to have to keep your body healthy, $23. The new cotton woven rug is super comfortable, I really like the material, $30. Will link my extras, like the toilet paper storage baskets, pampas grass, vase, and garland. 

 Next up is some really good fashion items I found, and am loving! I haven’t had a chance to take photos in the outfits yet, but I will soon. For now here are the links to the items I purchased. Enjoy! 😁

Sherpa lined fleece joggers  - comes in seven different colors, I snagged the grey in size small. They do fit TTS. But I will say they make your legs a bit puffy, due to the extra Sherpa material inside the joggers. So be aware of that before purchasing. $32.99 
size small-2XL 
Cable knit cardigan  - comes in nine different colors, I bought the Khaki in size small. Fits TTS. The material is very thick and it hangs just to mid thigh, perfect for shorts, skirts, etc $34.99 size small-2XL 
Scoop neck spaghetti strap tank  - comes in a bunch of different colors, along with styles. The color block tank I snagged was the red,white,black for $7.98 but they go up to $14.98. Nice thick material and comfortable. Does fit TTS. I went with a medium, small is my usual but I wanted it more loose. Size XS-2XL 
V neck waffle knit pullover top  - comes in nine color block colors and fourteen solid colors. $20.98-$22.98 grabbed the black,white,brick red in a size small, does fit TTS. I really like how thick this top is, great for this fall season. Feels good on as well, no itch from that waffle knit. 
Sizes XS-XL 
Spaghetti cami crop top set  - comes in eighteen different color sets for only $18.99-$23.99. Super silky material, very soft and flattering on the body. I snagged the dark green & tangerine in the size medium for more room. Fits TTS 
sizes small-2XL 

Thanks for stopping by! 
Have a beautiful weekend. 
Xoxo -Kay 


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