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These sales are always great to take advantage of if you want to jump start your new hair health journey. 
I highly recommend, and I will continue to do so because I seen actual results. Yes, shipping can take a bit of time, so please be aware of this. However, try to have patience It’s so worth the wait! They do send out emails with information on how their shipping process works. Once you do receive your product(s) I’m sure you will be more than satisfied. 

• Swell styling and thickening cream
• Dunes black clay & charcoal hair mask 
• Biotin & Botanical enriched fortifying treatment serum 

I happen to really LOVE this stuff, No joke! 
That Biotin serum has done my hair wonders over the years. 
For me personally, I did not see a vast improvement until about a year. However, my hair was severely damaged. I did still see a small improvement around six months. It all depends on how well your hair heals itself. My hair grows and repairs on the slower side. Someone else could see a difference a lot quicker than I did depending on your hair type. I will always recommend this serum, as it truly does work! 
Sale is only valid until today 6/26 ends at 11:59 EST
Great sale to take advantage of if you want to try these products. 
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for an additional 25% off, non sale items, such as their Search & Rescue Shampoo & Conditioners plus others! 

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My Navy Journey! 

I am absolutely head over heals for Navy Hair Care πŸ’™


My hair has always been on the fine side. I do have a lot of hair, but it’s thin. Growing up it wasn’t bad, I just could never style it. I was a real pain Jane, always keeping it straight. I barley even wore my hair up, which I can’t say has changed much. Im more of a wear your hair up at home kinda gal, and wear down if I leave or take a photo. I’m working on changing that, as now Navy hair has helped me gain confidence. 

In my 20s my hair was the worst, split ends half way up the shaft. I was never happy with my hair and always envious of the women with the gorgeous locks. That thick voluminous hair is what I truly admired. 

When I hit my 30s, finally decided to change my way and find a brand that I could trust. Navy kept popping up all over and I started to do my research. Took me about 8 months before I even bought my first product. 

Grateful I took the plunge and opted out of those toxic hair products for clean products. Going on three years now, I can’t see myself using anything else. My hair is soft, split end FREE!! and very shinny. I don’t take hair vitamins or anything, navy is all I used. 

Products I used to achieve this hair look 

 - THE SALE - 

Today is Navy’s 5th birthday and they are celebrating with 50% off. I highly, highly recommend you take advantage of this sale. If you have been on the fence about trying them, this would be the time to do so. Get your healthy hair journey going at half the price. 

Sale extended until today! Tuesday 25th - ends:12pm Midnight - don’t miss out on this amazing deal  

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Navy Hair Care 

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