justkickinfashion11- How it started


This blog post has been a long time coming; I thought with all the new things going on this would be a perfect time to share. 

How I got started

So, this began in November of 2018 when I started my Amazon account. I was new to the full-time online shopping game, and was super excited about it. You see; I am very into finding sales and spending the lowest price on a product. I’m not cheap, I will buy quality; however, I just like to get more for my buck if I can. I always shopped at places like Target, Marshall’s, Kohl’s, Ross, outlets in the mall etc. I do buy off EBay a lot, because of sneakers! Then, Amazon came into my life and changed how I looked at buying. I still shop at various different retailers, I just really am In LOVE with Amazon! 

Okay so before I get too off track here, I always enjoyed sharing with friends and family, great sales, plus the items I ended up buying. So one day I was thinking to myself; why not start sharing on Amazon. Everyone’s style and life is different, so when I realized blogging was a thing. Yeah, I was living under a rock y’all, didn’t even realize blogging had been a thing sense like 2000! Mind blowing. Anyways; that is what pushed me further to pursue my dreams and give this blogging life a go! 

To be honest, I never looked back! I love what I do, and I love this freedom working from home. Yes, It’s not always ideal or the best, as being on your phone all the time can cause strain and stress to your eyes; also, your home life. But, If you can learn to balance the two, it’s life changing! 

Blogging life and how to manage?!? 

 This is the hardest thing I ever had to master and understand. Give yourself grace, patience, and breaks! You can’t do this in a day, it doesn’t work that way. I have been blogging for two years now and barely have made (one) goal out of many, come true. When I got accepted into the Pink Lily Boutique Ambassador program, which by the way was just this past Friday Nov, the 20th 2020. It was the most amazing achievement I have accomplished so far, and I am so grateful.  

The down side to blogging:

 Being on your phone all the time. I have had more headaches due to my phone and laptop so wearing blue light glasses is the best way combat to that. Also, giving yourself breaks in between screen time is also another good solution. Then, you need to remember that you can’t put your home life on hold due to blogging, KNOW that home life comes FIRST. 

Managing, plus Tips & Tricks: 

 Don’t let blogging run your life, you run your blogging life. I love in your face organization, so always have a pen and note book handy. Make schedules for yourself on what and when you want to post, whether that be a blog post or a social media post. Also remember don’t go into debt trying to keep up with the rest of the bloggers, that is impossible and just ignorant. Do what works best for you; remember this is about you! Always share what you love! Your followers are there to get a well trusted, honest opinion on products and clothing. 

My favorite part about blogging: 

Sharing what I LOVE! and all the fun things I find and or use. It’s always nice to hear when someone liked a product you found or is loving an outfit that you shared. My second favorite - The amazing women I have met! The friendships I have made and the support that I have got from these ladies is truly a blessing. They say you really don’t understand life and what you want out of friendships until you reach a certain age. I can say, I honestly agree with that. I have met such like minded women that are on the same wave length, plus have the same passions as me. They drive me each and everyday! It makes what you love to do even more fun because you have such supportive friends and followers to share it with. 

Who I’m currently working with: 

Symone Alexis Bling 💍 -  I love her designs; her jewelry is truly gorgeous and so quality for the price!

Shop her jewelry here!

Jenn Ardor Official - an amazing sneaker company that I have been wearing for over two years now. They definitely are comfortable, I wear them all the time my go to for sure. 

Shop their shoes here!

Lastly, there’s Pink Lily Boutique! - This is the brand I’ve been dying to work with. They have quality clothing for sure! One thing I love best about them is how they have so many different styles each season. They also add new collections almost every month! 

Shop Pink Lily


Besides becoming a Pink Lily Ambassador, I also have became an Amazon influencer which takes a certain amount of time also. So, that was another proud day for me as well; that happened on August 14th 2020. I did start creating presets too, which you can purchase off my blog! I love playing around in Lightroom; it’s always fun and interesting for me to change the background and lighting in a photo. Use my code: JKF11 to receive 33% off my preset pack! 


For me what is next is Justkickinfashion11 clothing line. I might be far off from it right now, but that is my future goal and main passion! My love for fabric runs deep, I just want to create a clothing brand that has love for all shapes and sizes. I have a fine passion for prints and cuts. The style and shape of an outfit really plays a huge role on all different types of bodies. My goal is to cater to each body!! I design in my spare time and can’t wait to open up more with y’all on my private designs. Stick with me frans I can’t wait to share my future with you all. 

Thank you for being here, thank you for reading. I would love to hear from you, if you have any questions. Please feel free to message me anytime!

Hugs! -Kay 💋