Shop our Living Room- this is our pre tour!

Welcome to our Living Room!


I have always loved to decorate!
I think all our passions come from childhood, I remember helping my mother 
clean our house, and rearrange the furniture. Doing best with what 
she had to make it feel comfortable, and still look very beautiful. 

Fast forwarding to "me" becoming an adult, developing your own
sense of style, and passion for what you love. 
I may not have a lot of money to spend at this moment in my life either!
I also will always do my best with what we have to work with to make our
 home as comfortable, and beautiful, and as functional as I possibly can!
Moving on now! πŸ˜‰

To start I will begin with my two favorite pieces. 
They are our Paris Accent chairs! I love them so very much. They are so cute, 
and so comfortable! I mean who doesn't love to sit in a nice little comfy chair,
and read an interesting book with a nice comfortable throw blanket wrapped around you!
With a hot cup of coco, and whatever sweet treat your little heart desires.
Yeah... Heaven! haha 
I just love how they have such a vintage look to them, but at the same time so very stylish,
I really am loving the Mid-century modern look! 
Taking our living room back to an older... come right in, kick your sneakers off, roll
over to the couch, or chair (not literately) haha, and let loose! 

Amazon unfortunately doesn't have these exact ones, but we have found 
for you some very similar chairs! 

Next, is another favorite item of mine in our living room. 
Our curtains! 
They are so soft!! oh my, when I first received them I about lost it how soft, and 
pretty in color they were. They are blackout curtains, and they defiantly do their job!
Thick in material, but still let in just the right amount of light when the sun 
is at it's peek during the day! 
Amazon does have these exact curtains, we have linked them, and others for you to skim through.!

Now, we have here the wicker basket! 
I Love baskets! I'm such a basket case!
Haha not literallyπŸ˜‰ But I am pretty obsessed with them.
Baskets are so versatile, I love how they can be used for pretty much anything you need it for! We use them for various reasons, this one here holds all our extra blankets. Which is what the craze is right now! So, we have found for you this exact basket! Among lots of others.. 

On to the blankets!!! It is winter time, so who doesn't need blankets right now! πŸ™Œ
We love any, and all kinds!
Throw blankets are the best, just the right size for one! Haha you can also squeeze in two!πŸ˜„
Snuggle up into that bad boy! And let the comfy-ness roll!!! 
I know personally I'll take as many as I can get! 
We have linked for you! The exact elephant throw blanket, and so many more! 

My next favorite item in our living room is our three piece rug.
The coloring on it is amazing! I am really loving the reds, and greens, and burgundy 
together with that light cream mixed in with it. so pretty!
The carpet itself is very soft, our dogs love to nestle their faces into it. 
It is extremely hilarious when they do this! haha 
Again Amazon does not have this exact three piece set, but we have 
linked others that are close in color! 
check them out, let us know what you think? 
always feel free to leave us comments!
We will always get back to them as soon as possible! 

Lastly, is our couch over.
 I saved this for last because it is a little plain in color.. and 
we are actually going to be buying a different one.
 for now it still serves it's purpose! haha keeping our dogs hair off the sofa. 
I love using sofa protectors because it keeps your sofa clean, and looking brand new!
Another great item to have if you are an animal lover like us! 
Or... If you just have kids! It will defiantly help out a lot. 
We have linked for you the exact sofa cover, and the one we will be purchasing soon!
(which is in the first row, third couch cover) 
And of course lots, and lots of others! 

We hope you have enjoyed our little pre tour into our living room.
I call this a pre tour.. because next week after thanksgiving I will be doing a full 
new update on our fully christmas decorated home! haha 
so stay tuned in for that...☺️

Oh, and this is just a little small thank you from me..
 Cheers! 🍷
Mothers, who grew up all us 80's babies! You ladies are all super woman! πŸ‘
To the next, generation of amazing mothers! 


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