Walk Daily.. in some sneakers by: Daily Shoes!!! Links to Amazon

My husband and I have always loved matching, even more so in some comfortable canvas sneakers!! 
When we finally got to try out 
The Daily Shoe Company; 
Located in San Francisco, California.
 Really, they did not disappoint at all when it came to style and comfort.

We love how they are a unisex sneaker company. 

Yes, they do cater to the women's style mostly; but I am so happy to say they are expanding their products and creating some super awesome canvas sneakers and slip on's that you and your husband can wear! 

Hey wait... 
 Scratch that!
Can wear! 

Choose from any style to create your best and most comfortable look. 
Right now they are doing a sale with us 
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They already are a very affordable shoe, 
so with this discount for all our people, your sure to get a great deal on any pair of sneakers, boots, heels
and more!! 
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So hurry get yours while you still can 

The link below is the exact link to get to all of Daily Shoes canvas sneakers! 
Clickable link below 

Thank you for taking time out of your day to read our post! We hope to see you rockin your Daily Sneakers! 
Make sure you hashtag us, we would love to see how you style them!
-KAY- ✌