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I have always loved change.

For some reason changing out our bedding has always made me feel refreshed and rejuvenated.
The freshness of a clean new Duvet cover or comforter just makes my heart melt. 

Our old set that was on our bed recently,  (as shown above) was my first ever Duvet cover! 
I never tried them before this, I have always had just a normal old comforter.
The moment we tried out one we were hooked y'all! 
It's way different than a comforter, it's softer, cozier, warm and just more eye appealing when it comes to decor, just my opinion.
So moving on to now with our second set of Duvet covers this gorgeous snow white cover By: Hyprest 
It's a three piece white, lightweight ruffled Duvet cover, in the Queen size. 
Normally it's 39.99;
But right now it's On Sale!!! 
For $33.99.
They have five other colors also, and that 
Blusha color is now calling my name! πŸ˜†
I love white right now, it's so crisp and clean looking, so I will stick with it.
If there is one thing you could ever do for yourself, it's buying a new bedding set. 
It might seem silly, however New bedding, can change your attitude, your way of thinking if you are in a negitave state of mind. It just really makes you feel New!  inside and out. 
I totally recommend giving this a tryπŸ™Œ 

Below will be clickable links for you to browse around✌
Linking both the New bedding and old bedding sets. 

 I want to thank y'all for taking time out of your life to come read my small, tiny, little old blog. 
It truly means the world to me, like I said before I maybe a small blogger;
But I got lots to share! And lots to chat about so I hope to keep you all coming back! πŸ€— 
Hugs -Kay- 

Baby Pink Euro shams: $14.80; 9 other colors!

Top Finel Cream throw covers with pom poms: $14.49; 19 other colors!
Bioexcel Ivory boho wall banner: $14.92; 4 other colors!

Modway tufted Ivory Queen headboard: $116.00; 3 other colors! 
They don't have our white Ivory Poufs anymore, so here is just a good priced ottoman.
Coltoncraft ottoman Ivory $58.99; 17 other colors 

Lastly is our old bedding set and Ottomans
Monarch French Ottomans set of 2: $53.84; 5 other colors!
Madison Park Lillian Duvet Cover Ivory: $62.99; 2 other Colors! 


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