One Step hair dryer brush! πŸ’ž

Happy New Year's Eve!!
With the New Year hours away, we all need a great do!🀷‍♀️ 
I got an amazing hair brush dryer that I have been using for about a month now and I'm obsessed y'all.
I mean I do have thin hair, but a lot of it and I was always so annoyed by doing my hair. 
First you wash, then you dry; After you either need to straighten or curl for body and style. 
With all that work and little time to do it in, I have taken the advice of other ladies out there and gave this bad boy a try!
The most popular one at this moment is the dryer brush by: Revlon
Now the one I have been using is not, 
It is exactly the same as the Revlon brush, and any other "expensive brands" for that matter. 
It's like half the price of the Revlon one, and about a third of the price of the more super expensive ones. 
This one step hair dryer is by: Hair sensation Pro. 
Cost is $24.99 super affordable for any lovely lady. 
Update!! Cost is now $25.95

Now I am no way a hair stylist, just really loved this product and wanted to share!
I am in no way sponsored; just a happy customerπŸ˜„ 
Below will be a clickable link to this exact brush dryer

As usual I want to thank everyone for stopping by! 
Y'all are the most supportive and friendly peopleπŸ‘‹
Happy New Year's Eve, bring on 2020πŸ‘Š