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We have really wanted to lighten up our home, all this dark brown and dark furniture was really a drag. 

I have always loved chic decor! 
Really, just never had the courage to take the plunge and do it.
 I have now and I'm super excited to take y'all on this process with us. 
To finally put our hard earned money into a home investment is really a lovely feeling! 
We do rent, so it's not like we own this home or anything, but our lovely Landlord has been super good to us these past four years. 
We decied to stay another two years and with doing so we are going to update the house. 
Even though this is not our own, I don't mind putting in the work for a truly amazing, good hearted soul that has given us the opportunity to have a nice home in a beautiful area. 

So for me;
 I personally am happy to fix up another person's home! 
I really can't wait to show you guys what we will be doing for the next month! 
Hopefully it won't take us longer, but fingers crossed it goes super smoothly. 
I will be updating this post throughout the entire process so be sure to save it for future reference on all our updates!! 

My first link will be our beautiful Safavieh Califorina Shag Rug, 8x10 in Ivory! 
Only $207.19
Clickable link below 

Thank you for taking the time to stop by and read this post, it might be small right now.. But it will be a huge one in the end result. 
Happy Sunday!  

Continuing Hone Refresh below

Hey Y'all Wednesday is here! 

Finally got some more furniture in and first up is my ultimate favorite piece that I found! 
This beautiful White and Gold desk by 

Now it looks way more expensive than it actually is..
 regular price is $139.89
On sale right now for $129.89 
It does have a metal frame and the white wooden top is a type of particle board, with a veneer top.
Not everyone likes furniture like this, but I say Hey! If you can save some money and still have the same overall look?
Then why not!!! 
 It will last a long time if you take care of it properly. 
I am super happy with the look and the overall feel it gives my living room space! 

Bring on the chicness πŸ˜‰

Clickable link below

Next is our new cute Ottoman! 
I wasn't sure if I wanted an actual coffee table or not; you see I was tired of all the cups and rings from the cups on my coffee tables. 
Plus no one ever used the coasters I left out! 
Gez! πŸ˜†
So this was a new way to Simi have a coffee table without all the cups all over it. Haha 
So we now have an ottoman for our center piece.
 No coffee table! 

I fell in love with this gorgeous tufted dark grey ottoman, so I just had to have it in our living space. 
I feel it adds just something different to the overall look of the room;
 A pop of shape and color if you 
Only $138.56 
Clickable link below 

More to come!!! 
Just stay tuned with me, I know it's a slow process, but the finished look will be something beautiful πŸ’œ 
Thank you for stopping by and taking more time out of your day to read my small blog post, y'all are my people! 

December 17, 2019

HEY guys!! It's Tuesday; 
Only one whole week until Christmas Eve and it's getting scary! 
With updating our house durning the holiday and trying to get just the Holiday stuff done in general is a real pain! 
I wouldn't change it, I actually am very happy these days and can't wait to see how our home turns out. 
For now here is another addition to our home. 
This simply stunning tufted blue velvet futon sofa! 
By: Novogratz 

They seriously have beautiful quality products and I'm so happy we had the opportunity to review (Amazon review) this gorgeous sofa. 
It's ridiculously soft and I love how it folds out super easily into a futon. 
All you need to do is unzip the back of the sofa and pull out the legs; then you just lift the "back" cushion forward and it folds down. Voila! FutonπŸ’ž 
Overall I'm very happy how our living space is coming along. 
Still have a few more furniture pieces coming in that we bought so I can't wait to show you all the final look! 
We are repainting the entire house in JanuaryπŸ‘‹ all white. 
So it truly is a slow process, But if you can hang in there with us you will be able to see the entire changing process! 

If your interested in this sofa here is a clickable link to purchase below
Only $396.90
They also have 3 other colors!!

So stay tuned✌
Thank you all again for taking the time to read, it truly means the world to me. You have no idea! 
I may be a small blogger, but I have a big heart and lots to shareπŸ’œ