Investing in your kitchen part 2

If you kept up on my last post I have really wanted to update this kitchen. It was more on the pots, and pans side but we figured why not update it all! 
 with Amazon's Vine program they have given me the opportunity to update our home a little faster. 

If your interested in that program I will do another post all on the subject, just let me know in the comments. For now here are the two main items I just installed in our kitchen. 
First up is the chandelier 
I fell in love when I first seen this!
 The brushed brass detail is so very gorgeous, I would say it's more on the goldish side.
I like it more because of the gold!
Over all the quality is truly spectacular for the price. I'm very happy with the outcome of this space. It just brings a smile to my face every time I walk into this room.

Below will be a clickable link.
Price tag: $78.00

Next up: 3 light hanging pendant lamp
This is another light that just truly caught my eyes. It is so amazing how much detail they got into such a simple layout. This one is also in brushed brass, and it's definitely true to color; very brassy. 
 But I still absolutely adore it! 
The whole space just came together with all that bright light throughout the kitchen, and dining room.

Below is a clickable link
Price tag: $112.00 

Nothing makes me happier than doing home improvements on my own. I have always been a hands on type of lady; there is just stratification with completing something, and then looking at the finished result.
Our kitchen was so dull, and not full of life before I installed the new lighting. 
Now I can say it has had a mini face lift, and is looking younger, brighter, and beautiful. 
I hope you all have enjoyed what I have done so far! 
I will be updating this post once I get the rest of the items inπŸ™Œ
Stay tuned!