My most recent purchases, Plus; items in my cart..

I love shopping.. don't you? 

Not always the best thing to be doing, but it does have its benefits!
I am always on the hunt for items that will help me be more organized, and that will 
help me while I'm working at my desk. 
To find stuff in a nice color, style is always a super bonus in my eyes. 
I truly enjoy having a clean, and well organized space for myself or Jay to work in.
You don't always need the little extra stuff...
But it really doesn't hurt 
to give yourself a small gift from time to time.

 Luckily I am always on Amazon searching around for the best deals!
Now yes, you can get most of these items in stores, but what is the point of
going into a store paying almost double?
When you can go to Amazon, and get 2 day free shipping!
I mean this should be a no brainer.. ya know? haha

Well now that I have chatted a little to much lets get down to the details of each 
super awesome product that I have found, and purchased! 
Then we will get to the 
items that I have been keeping in my cart because I want them so bad..πŸ˜‰  

1: Rose gold mirrored phone case
2: Rose gold elephant phone ring 
3: Rose Gold phone stand 
4: Jays Gold phone stand 
5: Joopin Cat eye sunglasses
6: Summer Halter top cactus print 

These six items we just purchased; Of which only number 4 was Jays [haha how bad of me.]
I will say if your in need of a new phone case, and or phone ring, then check these bad boys out.

 I am just loving them!!
Such a great way to keep your phone in your hand..
I am HORRIBLE, and I mean horrible at dropping my phone.
I shouldn't even have a phone I drop it so much....{sad}
That is one HUGE reason I don't buy new phones haha 
So if your like me then I would give them a try.. 

Our Phone stands are another amazing invention that was so well needed in our home.
They are super versatile, and double as a charging dock! 

Lastly is my sunglasses, and new cactus print halter top.
I will say I use to buy semi expensive glasses, and then realized how silly it is...
 I can get the same thing out of a cheaper pair. 
Now don't get me wrong;
 still love the expensive ones just don't need to splurge on that stuff anymore. 

These cat eyed sunglasses are really cute, and actually pretty comfortable!
The cactus print top is also really adorable, I love that print on the fabric. 
The top does run really large so be aware of that when you go to purchase. 
I did reviews on Amazon if you would like to check that out for reference.

Next will be a bunch of cool, and fun things I have waiting in my cart!
Hope you all enjoy...
Lets get shopping together! 

Heard amazing things on these silk pillow cases for hair breakage, and hair loss!!! -Totally getting these first! lol