Living Room/Bed Room-mini make over!

Alright everyone!
Its been a long minute sense I popped on here to share something, So today 
I am taking you down a mini tour of our new items! 
Amazon is always my go to for small things, well anything really 
First up was the living room, I couldn't resist these Ivory Poufs.
They are just so adorable;
Not only are they seriously like the perfect size, 
they are ridiculously soft!
I can't get enough of them, the interior designer in me just sits in the space, and stares at the room to feel the vibe! 
The shaggy white look is just so elegant to me right now, 
makes me feel really fluffy, and happy inside haha.

We just did our big living room make over last month {January},
 so I didn't really want to add much to it.
I figured sense our current smaller Ottomans wasn't really doing the trick for me, 
I had to up the space with bigger ottomans! 
It just fills in the gaps that I didn't really enjoy looking at.
Below will be the exact Faux Fur Ottoman you can grab, along with some extra 
items we have throughout the living room. 

Next we have the bed room! 
I really wanted to update our bedding;
especially sense our current pom pom comforter was starting to dull in color. 
After many washes white really starts to tint a yellowish color if you can't bleach it.
I've had my eye on this really cute White {of course} bedding set for a little bit now..
Its SUPER pretty!!
It is one of those comforter sets that really catches your eyes. 
Well.. my eyes anyways haha 
I just am so obsessing over the waterfall ruffles!! 
I did want it to have more ruffles, but they did do a nice job balancing out the details on it. 

We also added a new sheet set, Grey Dots pattern. πŸ™Œ
Anything with dots;
 My hubby, and I will just go nuts for! 
So below we have the exact comforter set, and sheet set you can snatch up! 
and a few extras..

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