Love My Velvet Sneakers!

Okay I just had to share with you my new velvet sneakers! 
I am in such awww with them, the more I look at them I fall in love with 
the color! Its a Blush Pink Velvet sneaker, very light weight!
 I do usually prefer a heavy shoe, I like the way the weight 
feels on my feet.
But in this case it's different! ☺️
The sneaker itself is really beautiful, and very stylish. I was not expecting 
this item to be that wonderful, I mean.. it was only $14.99.
Nonetheless, I was surprised in the quality of it.
I am such a HUGE velvet person, you have no idea! 
I just love the way velvet feels, I use to hate velvet when I was a child.
Which is funny because I love it so much now. Irony.... lol
In the 90's my mother would dress me in velvet jumpsuits, and corduroy pants. 
I hated it so very much, but I grew! Started to love velvet more, and more. 
All the older trends are slowly coming back, they always do.
It's like life is on repeat..

I say! wear whatever makes you truly feel amazing.
 What makes you happy!
What makes you feel pretty, and sexy. 
That is what its all about!! 
Always be yourself, the best advice anyone can give!

I haven't worn my velvet sneakers out just yet! 
 I will get pictures of them on my IG soon.
For now though, I just wanted to share them with you all, because I was so excited about them!
Especially the price! haha πŸ˜‰

Now, there are only one pair left, its a smaller size, size 5.5 in woman's.
I still linked the sneaker below so if you are that size, if I were you I would 
totally grab them while you can! There so cute. 
Also linked a lot of other Velvet Sneakers, so please feel free to check them all out.

I am in no way sponsored by Amazon, I just love to share sneaker finds, fashion finds! 

anything really.. haha 

Hope you all enjoy my silly words, and love for velvet!