Don't forget your shoe laces!! {Unisex post}

Today is more of a tribute to My Love!
We are going to chat about shoe laces, and sneakers too!πŸ˜‰

My hubby was a sneaker collector way before I came into his life, 

so he has truly taught me so much when it comes to shoes, and laces. 
At one point in time had a little over 900 pairs!
I mean his collection was ridiculous.
Yes I know their are a lot of humans out there that collect sneakers.
He is by far the first one, and I'm sure other peoples collections are surpassing 900 pairs.

I just think it's crazy what people collect now! 

Still; that was the first time for myself, witnessing something like that! 
Someone with so much passion, and love for sneakers.

His collection has sense then decreased by a lot!

 My love being so generous to his friends, family, and community; he had gave back to everyone!
Such an amazing man to just give away his stuff the way he did. 
He did it with no praise, no anticipation for anything in return, just a humble soul
giving back to the people he cared for, and people in need! 
What I love best about him is he didn't post anything, didn't try and share it in hopes people would tell him how amazing that is, and how nice he is. 
No; he didn't even tell anyone! 
He is just amazing, and when we hit hard times he straight sold tons of collectable pairs just so we could stay afloat.
I mean talk about not selfish right!?!?!?! 
I felt so horrible for him doing this, he worked his whole life to buy himself those sneakers.
And, even though I'm sort of parsing him right now, he would be super upset at me for doing so!
But, I just truly wanted to share something about him that is just pure! 


Now, back to the laces, and sneakers!
When you change your laces you are changing your accessories, 
pretty much changing your whole outfit!
You can dramatically change your appearance just by switching out your laces to match what you are wearing!
It is such a game changer, its funny how something so simple can make such a difference.
We love to not only shop for sneakers; obviously, 
but to shop for laces as well! 
Sometimes we find laces, and then go look for a sneaker haha. 
You can pretty much do whatever it is, that your little heart desires.
If you have never been into laces, and are looking to find some interesting ones.
you have stumbled across the right blog lol.

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