Christmas Decor` Reveal (inside)

Okay Everyone,
I don't know about anyone else, but I really do love to decorate during the Holiday's!
It truly brings joy to my heart, and makes the house feel, and smell amazing.
For me;
 I have been decorating sense the first day I moved into my own house
at the age of 18!
My mother is the one who originally got me into decorating, and I'm sure thats how it was
for all us ladies, and or gentleman.
It is super fun, and a nice way to pep yourself up,
 including your family!
Most of my decor` is aged; years old, 
I have a strong passion for antiques, and family heirlooms. So pretty much everything besides the new Big christmas tree, is old. haha
But, I love my decorations!   
Whatever they might be.
I have always set up our little village!
This is my absolute favorite thing to set up every year! 
Even as a child it was my older brother, and I that would fight over who got to set up the village! And who set it up best! lol
But, no one ever wanted to put it away after the Holiday. haha 
Sense this was originally my mothers, over the years all us kids have broke, lost, and misplaced a lot of the village people, houses, and cars! haha
So this is all that is left of our30 year old set!

Still, I love it so! and I will always set it up!
As an adult now, my hubby, and I  have never let anyone of the outside world besides close friends, and family see our home. So this is new for us.. 
sometimes it does seem everyone puts up decor` now-a-days only for the pure fact that 
they can throw it on any of their social media sites, and get likes, views, and or more
I'm not saying everyone puts up decorations just for the likes, or views!
But, don't you think it is crazy how stuff has changed over the past ten years?
I use to have a Facebook back in 2012, but when I met my sweetheart
I realized there wasn't any room for social media, when trying to build 
a relationship.
So I took a 6 year break from it.
Fast forwarding to today, I obviously have an Instagram account now,
But we opened it as a couple,
In hopes to share our passion for sneakers, fashion, and decor`! 
 I am too now revealing our home for the first time online, and it is a little weird for us.
I just really wanted to spread some inspiration around the globe.
I'm starting to realize more, and more everyday that this is what everyone is doing!
Just sharing their love, for what they personally love, and or enjoy doing.
So sorry for the mini speech 
haha, I just wanted you all to know just a little bit more about us, how we feel, and so forth.

We tend to be SUPER private, and I'm trying to show my hubby that its all in good-fun, and the passion of sharing with one another! 
With that being said, thank you to everyone 
who is reading this! 
Please enjoy our pictures, small video of our fully Christmas decorated
 living room, and kitchen! 
Plus some links to some beautiful christmas trees, and 
village houses! 
Happy Holidays!