Mens Amazon Fashion - Jays style

Happy Thursday!  

It’s been a little bit sense my last blog post, but I wanted to hop on here and share some of Jays latest purchases with Amazon. 

We’re both always on the hunt for good quality material and the best fitted items, especially when it comes to Amazon. You might find yourself in a world-wind trying to navigate throughout that big site. So; that being said, we definitely try and make shopping a lot easier for anyone. Our main goal is to help you explore something new that you wouldn’t necessarily find on your own, or possibly even wear. 

You might like, or even love the look and that is what we’re going for. Expanding your personal fashion world into prints, styles, or materials you wouldn’t normally wear is what my main goal is as a fashion blogger. 

Below will be all the items you can sift through, and check out! For Sizing reference Jay is 6’ 190lb size 38 in shorts & denim jeans, size XL in tshirts/sweaters 

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Mens Champion pullover

Soft, & very cozy 

 S-3XL (two other color options) fits TTS $42.80

Mens Kingsted t-shirt pack (4) color- Kingsteds favorites 

These are Jays absolute favorite! He says they are very comfortable, feel good on the skin and soft to the touch. Best we have found on Amazon so far, worth the price tag. 

  S-2XL (five other color options) fits TTS $41.96 

Kingsted crew neck tshirts

Vans Unisex old skool

Fits TTS (a few other color options available) $82.03 

Vans old skool sneakers

Mens heart printed button down 

He wore this for Valentine’s Day this year; but he has also worn it on many occasions that are not holiday related. Good quality, and holds up in the wash. 

S-4XL Big - (70!! Other prints/colors) fits TTS $34.99 

Mens camo cargo shorts 

He likes the fit on these, & really likes the style.

Sizes 30-52 available (7 other color options) $33.23 

(Also styled another way above) 

Mens Dickies zip up fleece hoodie in Dark Heather 

Very comfortable, soft material.

S-2XL (two other colors) $34.99 

Dickies hoodie

NewDenBer crew neck cotton tshirt pack (4) 

They do feel funny when you first receive them, but after they are washed & dried, these tshirts become soft cotton, Still good in Jays book. 

S-6XL (25! Other color packs available) $39.99 

NewDenBer tshirt pack

Linking his favorite Amazon sunglasses 

$13.98 (five other styles) 

Mens Dark black lens sunglasses

Mens Dickies denim chambray button up 

Good thick quality, also washes well.

S-3XL (two other colors) $26.99 

Denim chambray

Mens Kingsted t-shirt pack (4) color- Royal pack 

Again, these are his favorite! Snagged another color pack.

 S-2XL (five other color options) fits TTS $41.96 

Kingsted tshirt pack

Mens Dickies 13inch long cargo shorts 

Thick & great material. 

Sizes 30-48 (six other color options available) $24.99

Dickies cargo shorts

Mens Hanes comfortwash hoodie 

Unfortunately they sent us a pull over sweater in this mint color; We did read other reviews saying the same thing for this specific color, but other reviewers did get hoodie versions in the other colors they carry. Material is soft and he does like the fit on this one. 

S-3XL (seven other colors) $24.73 

Hanes Mint hoodie - sweater

Mens FI collection- with JUVENTUS hat 

$28.95 (one other option) 

FI hat

Mens fleece button up hoodie light gray 

He really likes this button up, has velvet lining in the hoodie and the buttons are nice, resembles wood. Great quality, thick and comfortable. 

S-2XL (11 other colors & styles!) $19.99 

Fleece hoodie

Mens classic short brim fedora hat 

M/L $14.99 

Mens Fedora hat

Thank you for checking out todays blog post! As Amazon influencers/bloggers we only earn a very small commission, so any purchase is always appreciated. Thanks for being here and showing support, we truly are thankful for y’all. 

Have a wonderful day friends! 

Xoxo -Kay