New Year's Eve outfit inspo! Amazon Links updated 12/30

New Year's is almost here y'all 
Only two more days!

I honestly love putting outfits together; 
There is just something about creating and throwing colors together that really makes fashion a lot more fun for me! 

When I was younger I was always scared of people judging me for what I was wearing. 
Maybe something didn't match to their standards, or maybe I just looked ridiculous to them. 
I could give a flying rats a$% If someone else doesn't like my outfit. 
I say hey girlfriend, if you want to wear something that another person may not like. 
Just wear it!! πŸ‘ 
This is your body,
 Your creation!
 You should rock what you like!

Going a little off track here haha 
Anywho, rant aside. 

I got a small list going this morning of some super cute New Year's Eve outfits.
I will be updating this blog post until then, so save this link for future shopping! 
As always I'm very humbled by everyone that stops by and reads my tiny blog.
If y'all ever need help with sizing or maybe just a friendly opinion on an outfit.
I'm always hereπŸ€— 
Hugs -Kay- 

First up!
Super cute A- linemini dress
In Dark blue only $24.99; Also comes in red.
J. Adams strappy block heal, nude suede
$35.00; 4 other colors. 

Next up! 
Super cute lace dress in white
$18.86-$25.88; Also comes in black
Booties- beige Nubuck $31.50; 5 other colors.
Similar Wide Brim Hat, dark camel- $16.45; 15 other colors 
Similar Brown suede jacket-  $42.69; 10 other colors. 

Today's outfit ✌

Splendid sweater: a bit of a splurge item, but so cozy and so soft!
Wearing a size medium 
Price range is from $37.09-$160.25 
3 other colors too.
Not sure why different sizes are different prices, it's Amazon's way I guess. 
The medium runs $97.35
My favorite yet☝️ 
Golden Goose Dupes from Nordstrom!
These are obviously an Amazon FindπŸ‘
They are like a third of the price 
Only $39.98, in the silver; They have 5 other colros!