Holidays✌ outfit inspo! Links to Amazon Updated 12/23

We're getting so close to all the Holiday get togethers, family dinners, Holiday parties etc. 
It's nice to be able to have an easy, but super cute outfit to rock to any occasion. 
Well fear no more; I have finally got a small list of outfits together for y'all to get inspired by.
From casual to classy there is sure to be something in this list to choose from.
Or mix and match! 
The choice is totally up to you, I'm just here to possibly help or lay a helping hand if you need sizing info. 
I'm always here for any questions! 😊 
Below are going to be links to outfits I either already have or are suggesting to wear! 💕 
First up my favorite piece I put together
A casual, comfy outfit

Blazer: $34.99; 5 other colors! 
Nude bodysuit: $32.00 3 other colors!
I just pinned the v-neck dip together to keep closed😆
Boat shoes: $74.95 2 other colors! 
Wearing a small in the clothing and a size 7.5 in the boat shoes. 

Next outfit! 
Sassy, but still casual

Top: $16.99; 1 other color! 
Heels: $35.00; 4 other colors! 
Purse: $42.99; 6 other colors! 
Wearing a small in the top and size 7.5 in the heels. 

Elegant Dress To set some fire! 

Dress:  $39.95; 6 other colors! 
Heels: on sale! $47.92; 2 other colors! 

Hope you all have a great Holiday! 
Thank you for stopping by and reading my tiny blog😉

Just adding this outfit from today!
It's a good one y'all 

Top: $18.99 other colors available!
Sneakers: $39.98 lots of other colors! 

Clickable links below

Another outfit!! 
Super cute Teddy Coat 

Teddy coat: $32.98; 6 other colors
Purse: $42.99; tons of other colors
Heels: $35.00; 4 other colors!

Clickable links below

Today's outfit deets😉
I am loving this one, even if it's a little more dark and edgy, I say hey! 
Wear what you want girlfriend 
Boots: $64.50; Also comes in a dark tan color 
Jacket: $23.99; 5 other colors available 
Bodysuit: $17.90; Also comes in white 
Watch: $158.68
Similar Bangle: $21.99; two toned 

Clickable links below 

Oh My y'all only 1 day until Christmas Eve!
You might not be able to get these 
In time for Christmas; but you can 
Grab them for New Year's Eve✌
Today's outfit 

Dress: $18.86-$25.88; Also comes in black.
Boots: $31.50; 5 other colors! 
Suede jacket: is Slient New York, not available yet; linked a similar one! $42.69, comes in 10 other colors.
Hat: This is old navy; linked similar one $16.45
Comes in 13 other colors.