Investing in your kitchen! Items waiting in my cart

I have really wanted to invest in our kitchen lately. 
We are in dire need of a new set of pans; 
I have been using the same set for the past 6 years now and they are so ready to be retired! 
I know now if you truly get a decent set of pots, and pans; wash them correctly by hand, Plus dry them instantly! 
You will extend the life of them far more than you realize. 

We have two splurge item that I personally have had my eye on a good crockpot, and lovely Kitchen-Aid😍
Have you ever tried using a kitchen-aid? 
they are just simply amazing I can't believe how great of an addition they are to the kitchen, so many multiple uses! 
I highly suggest you invest in one as well.

 So I gathered up some awesome kitchen items that I believe are great products, and really beautiful colors! 

Lots of these items just waiting in my cart..

Let's get shopping together Friends!🛍