DIY Project - Updated Headboard

When I started to search for our headboard I told myself  I 
wanted to try a project on it.
I knew you could add your own pins on any furniture item,
so I thought why not give it a try! 
I am always looking for a new project, so this was the perfect excuse 
to give my creativeness a go on an upholstered item. 
This defiantly was my first time attempting to put Nail-heads 
in a headboard.
 I didn't even want to google search on how to do it, 
I just seriously took what I have already knew and just ran with it. 
Pretty scary, but I figured I could do it well enough that I would be happy with it.
I was right! ๐Ÿ˜Š

To start off I just took a permeant marker and made all my little dots,
I wanted to make sure I had an even amount of pins on each side!
I did not have a rubber mallet like suggested to use on the pins;
So I just tapped really gently to make them go in without 
Another trick that was really helpful for me was trying to push them in 
like a tack to get the entry going. 
Now this in no way makes them go into the headboard it just gets you started so you can start tapping
 the Nail-head in.
By the time I got the pin more than half way through I just did one hard
 pound to get the rest of it into the cushion. 
Thus creating that small tufted look! 
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The next thing I wanted to add above the bed was a nice banner of some kind. 
I went looking, and I found one that was perfect for over our bed.
Its Boho chic! 
I  absolutely love how pretty this woven cream colored banner ties the
whole space together. 
Only $14.93 [Fully in Stock] 

Clickable link below๐Ÿ‘‡
Over all I am very satisfied with how the whole space came together! 

Thank you all for your amazing support!