All about them Cami's

Todays going to be all about Camisole's πŸ’–

So to start off I have truly found my new love for soft tops! 
Anything that has to do with silk well [Faux Silk] lets be honest I can't afford 
the real thing right now;
It just makes me happy. 😊
Not only does the material feel so lovely on your skin, 
and keep you cool; It is just 
thoughtfully priced.
They really add some classy style to any wardrobe. 
You can dress it up or dress it down, either way its a great closet staple!

I have the Topstype Cami in the Brown; [the color is more burnt orange to me] 
[Picture shown above] 

Here is a nice list of beautiful Camisoles 
that I found on Amazon! 

 Topstype Camisole only $16.98 
[More colors]
clickable link πŸ‘‡

Phicia Camisole $13.88 
[More colors]
clickable link πŸ‘‡

Phicia Camisole 
[More colors]
clickable link πŸ‘‡

Yemeili Camisole $16.99
[More colors]
clickable link πŸ‘‡

Hosome Camisole 
$2.97-$3.22 with $6.99 shipping
[More colors]
clickable link πŸ‘‡

Sesil button down Camisole
[More colors]
clickable link πŸ‘‡

Thank you all for sticking with me, and checking out my links!
Appreciate your support πŸ’œ


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