New Closet reveal; also more recent purchases!

Today I wanted to reveal my newly changed closet; I have been wanting to do this
for some time now, just never really had the chance to do so.

I love all things girly!
So when I found these Ashley Rose Gold hangers
 in the all metal material I was super happy.
Not only are they really sturdy, there actually pretty as well.
I found this pack of 10 for under $15
The style on them gives your clothes a boost of cuteness.
I truly am digging how they make my spaghetti strap, and halter tops look. 
Who wouldn't want to jazz their closet up with some fun pops of color, 
even if it is a hanger.. 

Next is another set of hangers that I fell in love with.
They are the Velvet Ivory Hangers with Rose Gold hooks!
Talk about Velvet Rose Gold heaven. 😍
I could not believe that I had found a pack of 50 for under $24 dollars
They work so perfectly to hang your pants with, and also full T-shirts. 

Closet before, and after photos! 

Here we have my closet before I started changing hangers;
I love to organized my clothes by color. 
I have been color grouping my clothes sense High school.
It was always a huge pet peeve of mine to not have my clothes in color formation.
Not all my clothes are pictured here but you get the point of what it looked like prior to all the new hangers, and better color grouping!

To the left of this is the photo of my jeans I have hanging on the Velvet hangers with 
the Rose Gold hooks!
I have owned Velvet hangers before as you can see in the before closet photo.
We have always used the black Velvet hangers for our jeans, due to them being so strong, sturdy it was a no brainer for us to use them. 
We have never had our pants fall off or even break a Velvet hanger.
 Jays jeans are not light weight either so to find a solid hanger is a bonus in my book.
To the right we have a mix between the metal Rose Gold hangers for my tank tops,
and also the Velvet hangers for the regular T-shirts, sweaters. 
The whole over all look to the closet has truly upgraded! 
I love how girly, and pretty it is now plus; it just really comes together very cohesive. 
 I must say I am really loving my newly updated space.
Can't get enough of my beautiful closet! 

Next, is just a small BUT super awesome purchase that I couldn't go another night without..

I have had this in my cart for sometime now, just sitting there waiting for me to press that button.
Well..I did haha 
I have very thin, fine hair, and to be honest with you all I loose just way too much of it when I sleep.
Another really bad problem I have with hair falling out is in the shower
I have never lost so much hair in life before..
It does really make me sad, I have always had thin hair but this past year it has been worse. 
Between my hair loss, hair tangles and snags at night;
I needed to find something that could help me get through this.. 
I began searching, and found lots of silk pillowcases. 
Normally they are a little expensive but I finally found a set of 2 for under $20!!! 
They usually sell one for that price, so to find two for one was a SUPER bonus to me!

We have only slept on them one night, and I could already feel the difference in my hair.
Not only did I wake up with no dents, I felt an over all difference in how my hair felt the next morning.
One huge benefit it has is the ability to cool you down while you sleep. 
I am also a lady that sweats a lot... haha
 So to wake up feeling cool, and not hot was amazing! 
This pillowcase has many perks that will make you want one..

I am now a firm believer that the silk really does the trick.
If you have any of the problems that I just described, this would totally be worth trying out.. 
We all have our issues, lets not keep them to ourselves.
 When you can truly help someone 
else just by telling your story, or an experience it really does make a difference! 

Hope you all have enjoyed my reveal, and my favorite purchase yet!! 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask😊

Have fun shopping!