My new favorite lip sleeping mask (lip care)

Todays post is about this amazing new product that I found.

This is a sleeping lip mask that you would normally wear overnight.
I know shocking right? πŸ˜‰
Its from Amazon I love how they have everything, and usually at great prices.
It does not hurt that they have 2-day shipping if your a member so its nice getting your product pretty quickly.  
 I have used this for almost two weeks now, let me tell you my lips are super
soft to the touch!
I not only ware this mask at night, but I also use it during the day as well.
I have a semi big problem with dry lips, they tend to crack, and peal especially around this time of year.
Due to all the changing weather from hot to cold back to hot my lips take a beating every year!
I always went with carmex which is still obviously a great brand.
But this new stuff is giving it a run for its money.
Cost is $13.87 so its not too expensive, also not cheap either.  
Now yes this product label is in Korean;
Comments that I personally read, ladies didn't seem to fond of it being in a foreign language. 
But I say who cares what language its in if it truly works;
Solves a lot of problems why not use it right?
I might not know what it says exactly but that doesn't really
bother me.
 I have used other lip sleeping masks, so I just treated it as 
any other mask. 
My night routine consists of this: 
Wash my face, pat dry
Then a face serum 
Along with a good night cream
Pat lips dry, then add Laneige! 
Wake up in the am, wipe off.

About this cute pink/white 
applicator stick.
I thought it was a little silly when I first looked at it,
didn't seem like a good applicator.
Well.. I was wrong, sense I didn't have any more lip brushes it was
really nice that they had one in the box to use.
Yes, this little thing won't last forever, but for now it does the job justice.
The pink top is super soft, has a rubber feel to it which is nice. 
Glides that creamy, shinny, glowy mask onto your lips so perfectly.

Also let me talk about how amazing the smell is on this one..
I know it says Apple Lime,
 but I get way more lime than apple.
Which is totally okay with me!!

That smell just lingers on your lips the next morning.
Its truly nice! 

Below will be a list of links to Amazon for this exact lip mask, 
also linked you other flavors, and their lip balm too.
Hope you all have enjoyed my new favorite product. 
If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment I
will get back to you pretty quickly! 
Have a great Thursday.