Newly Redecorated Living room REVEAL!! 2019

Our Lovely Little Living Room! 

Todays post is our Kickin Remodel..

I know I am obsessed with redecorating! Who's with me??
We didn't change much just a few things here, and there. 
All you really need to do is add a little new staples in the mix!
 Throw blankets, and throw pillow's would be the best, really simple to switch out without breaking the bank! 
I know we don't usually have a lot of money to just splurge on decor.. 
But in this occasion sense we haven't done much lately, my hubby let me go a little crazy.
So, I went with the white, and teal shag throw pillows they are super cute, and didn't cost that much! 
I love how soft they are; they add so much style to the couch, which in our case is super plain. 
I also changed our curtains.. I did just recently put in a really nice burgundy..
But with our new carpet, and so forth the burgundy wasn't really working with the burnt orange, and aqua teal.
So I went with this simple, but still pretty Faux Silk look! 
I will say they do not feel like silk.. but the overall look is really pretty;
So its okay with me๐Ÿ˜
If you haven't already figured it out yet;
 I am such a BIG Elephant lady.. haha
I just am so in LOVE with the patterns they have out right now pertaining to elephants! 
My hubby knows, and so does my family that if they really want to make me happy!
Grab me an elephant๐Ÿ™Œ
In the next few slides you will see all my elephant craze.. 

We decided to grab a nice curvy rounded bookcase.
It wasn't crazy expensive, about $60 dollars I wanted something interesting to hold all my little nicknacks.
Amazon doesn't have this exact one, but we did link you others..
Fun little game for ya!  
Can you find all the elephants in the Living room??
(drop a comment with how many you find)

Another little purchase, one of my favorites! 
Our French print ottomans..
Once thing I love about shopping for small items like this is they really add a lot to the room! 
You can use them for decoration, or use them for a footrest.
Either way they work for multiple rooms! 
Next, we really needed to find a nice little nesting table for between the two Paris chairs, Amazon is amazing for finding little items like this that don't cost an arm, and a leg. 
I love how they look! We went with the Giantex 3 Piece set they really add a little modern style to the area.. 
The feel on them is pretty close to real wood, so that was a major plus for us as well. 

Our last item we went for which was our big purchase;
The area rug.
I wanted some color in the room so it was really hard to choose from, especially because Amazon does have amazing prices on some really big rugs. 
I am loving all the white still, but ultimately wanted to go with some really fun pops of color.
So we went with the Mohawk Artifact multicolor panel!
That burnt Orange, and Aqua Teal is really my vibe right now.. haha 
I just truly enjoy relaxing in a nice comfy space, that is newly decorated.
Makes you feel super fresh, and rejuvenated!

I hope you all have enjoyed our redecorated living room.
We have below lots of links to Amazon; linked you almost everything we have in our new space! 
If you love to shop, why not shop with us!๐Ÿ˜‰


  1. Loved your newly decorated living room.. The mixture of the colours is very nice...
    The rug, I am in love with. It looks so awesome, it adds that big splash of color; which pulls the room together with the new pillows and curtains... I just finished adding up your collection of elephants... Very nice, I counted nine. I cannot wait to see what you do next..

    1. thank you! and there were 10 elephants haha almost!

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