New Year, New living space, "Space-Change" - with{Amazon links}

Today we are going to talk about change;
Not just any change, but changing your living space!
Lots of people rearrange their spaces to give the room a new feel. 
"Feng Shui"- would be that energy.
Now I am in no way an expert in Chinese culture, I just love how they 
define the "Fengshui" vibe. 
 First and for most best thing you can do is remove ALL the clutter.
Their culture believes that a cluttered home is a cluttered mind.. 
That has to be my favorite "saying" if you will. 
They say you have to find a balance for your furniture, 
moving things around is another way to increase Feng Shui😊 
Adding plant life to your home will increase energy flow!
The goal is to harmonize yourself in your space to feel positive.

Fun fact; did you know Fengshui translates to "Wind Water" 

I love that my hubby is really into feeling that change with me, 
it is awesome to have that person next to you helping you with that energy flow. 
When you both walk into that space you want to
feel pleasant; you want to feel cozy, to relax in the comfortableness. 
Though lots of people use the term Fengshui, which I still love myself😉
I also love to call this Space Change!!
It truly is a fun way to create that change in your living space to make you feel different, and restful

When I am creating I take my time to do so, 
I love to feel that space!
Sit in it for an hour; look around imagine things, and explore.. 
I usually always go for the pillows, blankets, carpets, and picture frames. 
Now that list is just me you can pretty much do anything!
 If you are able to spend a bit here, and there you can pretty much change your whole space on a budget! 
Amazon has so much stuff to choose from, they are my defiant go-to when I want to update my spaces. 
You can also change up your furniture if you are in the market too!
I love getting new furniture, but I can't always afford it haha... 
I tend to only buy new stuff when we truly need it, which is why when I am designing I go 
for the small stuff like pillows, blankets etc. 
Small things really do make all the difference! 

Sense it is a New Year I did splurge a little, (even though I shouldn't have haha) 
We got a few new things at the beginning of the year.
Still are waiting on two more things to arrive; once they do I am going to be doing 
a complete Blog post about the Space Change!
For now I am giving you a small post about change.. 
Along with some items you can browse through to grab some "Space Change" 

Hope you enjoyed reading!
Have fun shopping🙌