Shop our Charlie Brown Christmas Tree!

Our first Christmas with this little Charlie Brown Christmas Tree began in 2012.

We adore this little guy more than you can possibly imagine. It was the start to our first Christmas together as a couple. 

I never thought to myself I would be here, we have come so far together!


this post isn't about us really...
I will tell you our personal life story another timeπŸ˜‰

I just wanted to share how much joy this little tree has brought to our lives!

  You see, 
We both grew up watching Charlie Brown! I mean who hasn't right?
I know everyone probably has a special place in their heart for this old cartoon classic. 
When your a child you see the world for what it truly is,
Pure beauty! 
When you grow up, you sort of loose track of that.

 I knew the moment we spent our first Christmas together

 this little tiny tree would be a big staple in our relationship. 
Kind of silly huh?
to me it is just what it is...
Something I happen to adore that we share together, what we have built together over the years.
Now I am getting a little off track here! haha 
This is about the tree not us! 
To have your BIG tree in your home is always a wonderful feeling to see the lights, the presents under it waiting for everyone to pile towards it, 
sit down, and just start ripping 
everything open! 
we also have our big tree too, but this little small guy just brings something extra to the house!
Something fun;
 A small little smile to bring to your face when you look at it.
It just applies JOY! 

I say decorate your home with your heart!

It is so fun to do this with family, and friends.
I hope you have enjoyed my little small story, and 
love for this little Charlie Brown Christmas Tree! 
Please check out the Amazon links I have found to this exact tree. 
Some little extra's for ya! 
Have fun shopping.