New bedding makeover!

So excited to finally share our bedding makeover!
This has been in the works for a few weeks now, and I could not be
 more happy with how it turned out. 
I have been wanting to add a headboard for a while now.. 
You see I am obsessing over tufted furniture.
Everyone has a tufted headboard, so I kept thinking what could I do that is 
just a little bit different than everyone else.

I went searching on Amazon for one, and there are tons! 
 I mean tons of headboards out there.. 


 Found one that I wanted to work with.
Its a bit plain, but has beautiful curved edges.
My mind went through many options on what I could do to this 
I knew I wanted nail-heads, yes there are headboards with 
nail-heads already in them. 
But I just wanted to do a little something on my own, and be able to choose
 the type of nail I wanted in it.
We bought the Hillsdale Queen headboard in Fog- (first headboard link)
The other three links are ones we were considering. 

Next up is our new bedding!
Madison Park Duvet cover.

This is my first duvet as an adult, I did have one as a child but nothing
 is the same to you when you get older.
I will say this I am enjoying a duvet a lot more than a regular comforter.
Now that I am hitting my 30's I embrace my "purchases" 
just so much more! 
I love to take care of my bedding, 
always have sense I was a teenager.
I am very religious when it comes to "making your bed every morning"!
To kept it fresh and crisp is my jam; seriously. 

Our Lillian Duvet cover is just so beautifully elegant. 
It truly adds so much life to our Master Bedroom. 
(again first link is our bedding

Our Accent pillow purchases was my favorite..

We went with the 26x26 Baby pink Euro pillows;
 Then we added some 18x18 Cream pom pom pillows to the front.
I am very happy with the over all look and feel to the bed! 
(First two links are the exact accent pillows. 

These little Monarch French ottomans came in handy.

We had them in our living room but wanted a change! 
So why not put them in the bedroom for show.. 
It really added a small amount of cuteness at the foot of the bed. 
(first link is the French ottomans, the others are in my cart 
as I want to possibly switch it up again๐Ÿ˜‰)

Lastly we have our Nuloom Snow white shag rug!
This is another purchase that I am totally loving.
Not only is it super soft on your feet, it too adds such a beautiful, and 
elegant feel to the space! 
I love how the whole area just came together. 

Well thats the end of the new reveal, can't wait to grab my DIY Nail-heads 
to add to the headboard!
 I will be updating this post once I get them put in.
So stay tuned for that! 
Thank you all for your support.


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