Loving my new garment rack! Links to Amazon💜

I'm excited to reveal my newly
Changed corner space! 
This was always such an awkward area
in our bedroom. I've been wanting 
To change up that space for years now!
We had a cute big basket there to 
hold all of our pillows we didn't use at night. 
It worked as it did serve a purpose; 
But I just wanted something a little more useful out of it!
So I figured I would go with a Garment Rack🤓 
I've been telling my hubby for at least a year now that we need an area where we can set up our current outfits for the week!
It would work perfect for multiple reasons..
1. being the obviously choice I just mentioned, which is outfits for the week.
2. It serves as a designated place for your hat, and jacket at the end of the day.
3. You can store your sneakers, and sandals etc. 
And lastly..
4. It also will help if you need a display rack for blogging! 

So all in all its a win for me.. personally!

Linked you everything you need to create this lovely space, or just something