Mens New Era Hats/ Hat Cases -Christmas Ideas

New Era! 

Who doesn't love this brand?

My Hubby is obsessed with collecting hats! 
He loves to match his hat with his sneakers, and I mean it has to match!
I swear, sometimes he takes longer getting ready than I do. πŸ˜‰

But its all in good fun of FASHION PASSION! 

I mean we all know that New Era makes some of the best hats on the market.
Not only do they have an abundance of different styles, and collaborations with various companies.
They just know how to create amazing, stylish hats that everyone can wear.
Yes, men usually wear this specific style of hat.
We have so many different types of people rocking them, in this day, and age.
(and we find that awesome) that it became an everyone style hat.
Fashion is breathtaking! 

 a lot of people have the same, or similar styles, but its all about being yourself.
Bing able to create a style that you can call your own.
You have within your own mind, and body to make yourself feel amazing.

So why do we let people put our personal styles down?

This is something we all just need to get over!

We truly believe that doing this, and with your own creativity, the fun of fashion finds 
is what will make you truly happy! 
Ignore everyone else, and JUST;

 The options that we have now in the world of style that we live in is astonishing!
Dont limit yourself because of society. 

It is just a world of fashion madness, and we should all adore it! 
Find what you love, and turn it into your passion!
No matter what it may be.. 

We have found some awesome hat finds not all teams are listed, 
so please scroll through them all! You won't be disappointed! 

Also below;
Will be a list of New Era Hat cases! 
My Love stores all his favorites, and collectables to keep them safe! 

Trust us you will defiantly want to grab some of these.
Not only do they keep the hat free from dust, it helps prevent denting! 


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