Don't forget your Shoe Trees!

Today we have for you, the Ikea Shoe Tree!!
Now, we know that there are a lot of shoe trees out there. But what we can tell you is 
these specific Shoe Trees are utterly amazing, they keep your sneakers looking brand new. 
My hubby  is the one that originally introduced me to this wonderful invention!
We use them for every pair of unworn sneakers, even the ones we store in boxes. 
The best thing you can do for your sneaker is use this wonderful creation. 
I promise you that you will see such a difference in the way your sneaker 
remains the same shape, as its original origin.
They are priced just right in my opnion, for what you are ultimately getting.
I am so glad he stumbled upon them! They make all the difference.
If you don't already own some, or are wanting to try some new ones!
We highly suggest you try them out! 
There will be the exact Shoe Tree linked below, we have also found a variety on Amazon!
So feel free to check them all out before making your decision.😊 We
Have linked both 
Men, and Woman's Shoe Tree's!!